Brian, who holds an MFA in design and painting, mans our Kansas City office as an Associate Creative Director/Motion Graphics Artist. Calling him one of our creatives is almost an understatement because Brian’s brain swims continuously with anything and everything drawn, written, or filmed. It’s impressive; he’s a walking pop culture encyclopedia, and he does a mean Sean Connery impression.


When he’s not educating the rest of us on the origins of our work, he’s out teaching college kids motion graphics and visual effects. Brian is another one of Intake’s meatless eaters. He likes board games, enjoys the city life, and prefers watching movies in the comfort of his own home. He was born in the year of the Sheep, but feels like he was meant for the year of the Monkey as he’s “easily confused.”


He loves anything within six degrees of separation from Atari or Star Wars. Prefers tea over coffee and comic books to celebrity mags. With his eclectic taste, he is constantly enriching our lives with a persistent show-and-tell of unique toys, foreign candies, and retro-tech.