AMC came to us with a hefty task — capture photography of 75 theatres in 26 markets in 8 weeks...all at sunset. This assignment included shooting exteriors of each of the theaters and interiors on a select group of theatres.

Since this was such a challenging project, there was only one thing we could tell them; "You bet! We'll make it happen."

So we set out across the nation. We had 2 crews in 2 cities and any given moment. Flights would come in and we'd swap out crew, move files to our server, and put another crew on a plane.

Our journey took us (literally) to each corner of the United States. Before we set out, we knew we'd need some way to remember this wonderful event. We decided that shot glasses were they prefect choice. They didn't take up much room in our camera kits and we could store them easily back at the studios.

Heath Balderston