To know Brandon Duncan, is to know why he only goes by his last name “Duncan”. It’s a story filled with adventure and wonder, so ask him if you are ever curious.


Duncan joined Intake in January 2014. He completes the “Fort Hays State triad” which consists of Brian Simpson and Travis Krause. He’s been a freelance designer/illustrator for about 12 years, and motion graphics artist for 5 years.


He has a degree in Graphic Design and a real passion for 3D, illustration, and animating logos and typography. Duncan has also designed numerous published, printed book and album covers…even some cassettes.


He continues being awesome and creative in his spare time, which is usually spent playing guitar, writing music, or drawing mind-blowing ink illustrations that will leave you wondering “how DID he do that”?


If you want to be Duncan’s friend, feel free to strike up a conversation about heavy metal, sci-fi, horror movies, or records.