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Creativity in Motion

At Intake, we’re always moving – between projects, places and ways of thinking. We explore our creative instincts within two main disciplines: Design + Video. With a diverse background in design, our team specializes in live-action production, post production, motion graphics, animation and compositing.

On every job, from poster layout to digital animation, we look for new ways to perfect our craft. We believe that even simple work can be compelling, that efficiency can include a little magic.

Our work combines beautiful design with the power of motion. Explore some recent examples in the gallery below and, if you want to dig a little deeper, check out our portfolio.



The Intake Creative Process

Intake develops meaningful content to create joy and help clients solve problems. We believe that great work is the result of a great process. While personalities on the Intake team are easygoing, our process is watertight. A simple three-part approach to collaboration helps us communicate effectively, deliver on strategic goals and connect with target audiences.


The conceptual phase is the road map for every project. This initial download helps us identify the creative tone of a job and capture our clients’ wants and needs. In this process, the Intake team begins to transform raw ideas into solid concepts and fine-tune our focus on specific goals and solutions.


Once we’ve established a cohesive concept, it's time to dive into development. Video projects begin with storyboards and style frames, while design projects include preliminary sketches and digital renderings. In the first stage of exploration, strategy and execution come together in a concrete product outline. Translating initial ideas into a clear visual direction helps us begin planning for production.


In production, our pre-planning pays off and the real magic happens. This part of the creative process involves a special energy that we enjoy sharing with clients. Whether we’re creating a straightforward poster layout, or managing an elaborate multi-state, live-action video shoot, we collaborate openly with clients. This process has many moving parts and occupies the majority of the time we dedicate to bringing a client’s vision to life.